With Spring starting and the weather getting better around Vancouver, you might start to spend more time outside. Walks, hikes, biking, running, sailing, paddle boarding might be some activities that you will enjoy this Spring or even this summer. When working with your personal trainer in the studio, not only does it help you move better outside the studio, but it will help with your ability to do any of the previously mentioned activities. If you are not someone who enjoys working out per se, you might be someone who enjoys outdoor activities. Let it be your motivation for your training. Remember that anything you do in the studio will help you with the activities that you enjoy. 

Getting your lower body strong doing squats, deadlifts, lunges, and various other exercises will help you with lower body activities such as hikes, running and biking. If you enjoy paddling, sailing, kayaking, upper body exercises such as bench press, shoulder press and back rows will help you with your ability to generate power from your upper body. 

Core exercises are also essential when it comes to the activities cited above. Think about it, how can you be stable on a bike if you cannot control what your core is doing? Is your back going to get tired from hiking because you are lacking back strength? You want to be able to enjoy these outdoor activities without wondering if you will get too tired or if you will get injured from practicing them. Personal training helps you get in shape for the activities you love doing so you can spend more time enjoying them without worrying about your body’s abilities. Talk to your personal trainer if you plan on starting a new activity so they can tailor the workouts to your needs!