We are an all-women Personal Training & Pilates studio, delivering results for women of all ages and fitness levels.

Our clients train with us for a variety of reasons: to reduce body fat, sculpt their body, prevent menopausal weight gain, treat depression, build confidence or to prepare for fitness competitions.

You name it, we can help!

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Many of our clients are propelled by the bigger picture – the long-term health benefits of a fit, healthy body. 

Tell us what’s motivating you, and we’ll turn your motivation into results.

The 💥thoracic spine💥 is the longest portion of the spine and includes the vertebrae situated between the neck and the lower back.

Thoracic mobility plays a big role in posture, remaining upright and the ability to breathe fully😮‍💨

Our Personal trainer ➕ Reformer Pilates instructor Holly showing us a few of her favourite thoracic mobility exercises 🤸‍♀️

- Exhale to round the spine up towards the ceiling, and inhale to reverse and lift the chest
- Pointer: Try to find extension through your upper back (thoracic spine) rather than just extending through your low back when you lift the chest.

- Inhale to open up and rotate toward the ceiling. Exhale to rotate and thread.
- Pointer: Try not to lift your knees or shift your hips in order to rotate further - the goal is to find rotation through your thoracic spine, so let’s isolate it to that area as much as possible (if if that means you “can’t rotate as far”.)

- Keep sits bones on heels, or if you’re unable to do this, put a pillow, or towel, or foam block under your sits bones.
- Inhale to rotate, exhale to return to starting position.
- Pointer: a good one if you fins #2 difficult or if you’re having trouble isolating the rotation to your thoracic spine.

- Inhale as you side-bend to encourage further expansion through your side body, and then exhale to return to the centre. You can also pause for a full round of breath if that feels good too.
- Pointer: If the positioning of the legs/hips is not comfortable for you, you can do this kneeling or cross-legged as well.

Book your Introductory session online today and get started on building strength and reaching your fitness goals!

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Push-ups are great for strengthening and toning the shoulders, chest, and arms 🔥 Women may feel that “push-ups are for men” because women have less upper body strength than men. However, that’s not true 🙅🏻‍♀️ Push-ups are really for EVERYONE and will make your entire body stronger🔥. With just the right practice and attitude, anyone can perform push-ups! 😎

Push-ups can also support the abs and the muscles of the mid and lower back. They are great for improving your 💥posture💥and 💥strengthening your core💥with no need for equipment, as you maintain a plank position for the entire exercise. You can start with the easier versions such as modified plank and gradually move on to advanced levels of push-ups.

Lovely Coach Saman is showing us a variety of push-ups:
🔸 Push-ups from knees
🔸 Inclined Push-ups
🔸 Push-ups from ties
🔸 Declined push-ups
🔸 Raised leg push-ups

Book your Introductory session online today and get started on building strength and reaching your fitness goals!

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Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable 🔥
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Learn how to do a Romanian Deadlift 🔥 with lovely coach Eloise this exercise targets your harmstrings more than standard deadlifts. You’ll also work your💥 #glutes and #forearm flexors💥.

Book your Introductory session online today and get started on building strength and reaching your fitness goals 💪.

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Resistance bands are one of the most versatile strength-training tools out there. 🔥They are small, lightweight, and easy to tote around wherever your workouts takes you. 💪🏻Best of all, they can be used to work all body part and they don’t put much pressure on your joints. 🙅🏻‍♀️

Our lovely #PersonalTrainer and #Pilates Instructor, Holly💛, showing us a great total-body resistance band workout routine that can be done anywhere. ✨

The exercises for this routine are:
🔸Banded Bicep Curls (resistance added)
🔸Banded Shoulder Press
🔸Banded Squat to Overhead Press
🔸Banded Reserve Lunge
🔸Banded Tricep Kickback
🔸Banded Seated Row (resistance added)

Give this routine a try and let us know how you like it🥰.

Book your Introductory Personal Training Session today and get started in feeling your best in your body 💛
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One of the most classical Pilates exercises 💛 great for strengthening the core and stretching the back!
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Great women only studio with amazing trainers. Trainers are passionate and they make it worth the time and money. I really look forward to each of my sessions. They focus on different aspects such as mobility, balance, form etc, depending on your need. They also have awesome pilates trainers as well!
Reem A

I’ve tried different gyms over the years trying to find the best fit for my goals and lifestyle. I can say that this is my favourite gym. It’s a private all-women’s gym, so I feel completely at ease doing my workouts. My trainers are marvellous and so much fun! They pay close attention to your form and technique and have a holistic approach to training. There’s also the benefit of training with different trainers with varying specialties. I’ve seen real results in my athletic performance. Definitely recommend to all the ladies out there looking to get fitter!
Rachel Lim

This is a remarkable place for women to feel great about making change. The team is professional, encouraging and supportive. I have trained with two of the team and both are excellent. After many years of trainers and gyms I finally feel like I have the right culture and environment. I look forward to continuing to achieve my objectives with wonderful professionals. Thanks Wendy G and Susan!
Carolyn Cole