We are an all-women personal training studio, delivering results for women of all ages and fitness levels.

Our clients train with us for a variety of reasons: to reduce body fat, sculpt their body, prevent menopausal weight gain, treat depression, build confidence or prepare for fitness competitions.

You name it, we can help! 

What is your goal?

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Many of our clients are propelled by the bigger picture – the long-term health benefits of a fit, healthy body. 

Tell us what’s motivating you, and we’ll turn your motivation into results.

👩‍💻 We’re always ready to workout with you online! 🙌

Some of our clients who train in-person take advantage of switching to online when they:
🕛 run out of time to get to the studio,
👶 have to stay home to supervise their kids,
🏖go on vacation,
🤧or don’t feel well enough to see anyone in-person.
Online training helps keep the consistency 💪 which is the key to success!

We also have clients who decided to train online only and we have never seen them in-person. It’s been amazing to help women even from other cities and countries, and see their progress through the screen 😍

Based on the experience with training our clients online we can assure you that this method is effective and safe. Online workouts provide amazing benefits such as:
👉 personalized, well-balanced program,
👉 care and feedback of an experienced fitness professional,
👉 greater flexibility when scheduling,
👉 privacy and comfort training from home or anywhere else convenient to you,
👉 easy access through the link provided via email, from any device like: phone/laptop/tablet.

On top of that, our coaches always find the best way to adjust an online training not only to your needs, but also to the equipment available. Even if there are no tools and all we have is your body-weight, it is more than enough to strengthen your body and have fun while training with us!

We are here for you, just a click away! 💛

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Did you know that cranberries have many health benefits for women🙋🏼‍♀️?!

✨ They’re full of antioxidants, vitamins & fibre that can all help ⬇️ PMS symptoms, aging & frequency of UTIs ✨

Reduce PMS symptoms with cranberries:
✅ Good source of magnesium
✅ 1 cup of cranberry juice = 4% of the daily value for magnesium
✅ Magnesium helps to alleviate cramps & bone aches

Reduce signs of aging with cranberries:
✅ High in antioxidants such as vitamin C
✅ Vitamin C promotes immune health & collagen formation… hello tight skin 😉

UTI prevention with cranberries:
✅ Contain a tannin called proanthocyanidins (PACs) that can inhibit bacteria sticking to the wall of your urinary tract
✅ This tannin helps to reduce the likelihood of infection
✅ It is important to remember that cranberries help with the prevention, always consult your medical practitioner when you have a suspected UTI

Interested in learning what other nutrients can help your body function at its best?! Contact us now to book a 60-minute initial session with our Registered Dietician, Tracey 👩🏻‍⚕️

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Our clients train with us for a variety of reasons, from reducing body fat and body sculpting to preventing menopausal weight gain, active aging, building confidence, wedding prep or preparing for fitness competitions 🏋️‍♀️

What sets us apart?
➡️ All women studio
➡️ Supportive and empowering environment
➡️ Our holistic approach
➡️ Exceptional trainers

Book your online or in-person introductory session today to access the power of fitness to transform your life 💪💛

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Great women only studio with amazing trainers. Trainers are passionate and they make it worth the time and money. I really look forward to each of my sessions. They focus on different aspects such as mobility, balance, form etc, depending on your need. They also have awesome pilates trainers as well!
Reem A

I’ve tried different gyms over the years trying to find the best fit for my goals and lifestyle. I can say that this is my favourite gym. It’s a private all-women’s gym, so I feel completely at ease doing my workouts. My trainers are marvellous and so much fun! They pay close attention to your form and technique and have a holistic approach to training. There’s also the benefit of training with different trainers with varying specialties. I’ve seen real results in my athletic performance. Definitely recommend to all the ladies out there looking to get fitter!
Rachel Lim

This is a remarkable place for women to feel great about making change. The team is professional, encouraging and supportive. I have trained with two of the team and both are excellent. After many years of trainers and gyms I finally feel like I have the right culture and environment. I look forward to continuing to achieve my objectives with wonderful professionals. Thanks Wendy G and Susan!
Carolyn Cole