In our all women studio, females from all different backgrounds come to work with us. Working with a female coach is great because we know what your body goes through and what you must face every day. We understand how your mind works (for the most part) and how your body differs as well. We know how to adjust exercises accordingly and you may find it easier to talk to us about some of the issues that you are facing. It is hard sometimes to communicate openly with opposite sex coaches as it may be awkward to talk about subjects such as period, PMSing, menopause or even being sexually active. All the above are valid and should be talked about, but it is easier to talk to someone who knows how you feel and has gone through these as well. Females are also usually hard on their bodies due to pressure felt from society. We often think we are not good enough, we are not confident enough, not strong enough… As female coaches, we do understand these difficulties and we know they might be great challenges at times.

We also are aware of the way you treat your body or the way you feel about your body. We are used to working with women and we pay close attention not just to your form and your ability to do the exercises, but also how a particular exercise makes you FEEL. Some exercises are easier to do for certain body types and we adjust the sessions according to your comfort as well. It is also extremely empowering to be able to workout surrounded by females and not have to worry about people staring at you or minding your business. You know that you are in a safe space, and it shows through your workout as you can give it your 100% without getting into your head and overthinking things that are not in your control. Take advantage of your ability to work with a female coach and share your experience with us! Don’t be afraid to share and ask us questions. We are here for you and are proud to be empowering women everyday!