Confidence: a simple concept, yet a difficult thing to implement. As females we have the tendency to be harsh on our bodies. Every little imperfection, every flaw we have gets put under a microscope and gets judged. This is often because we lack self confidence. We also lack the patience when it comes to working out. We want fast results; we are not always kind with ourselves. However, working out is a healthy way to boost your confidence. Not only will you look better by toning and shedding a few pounds (if this is your goal), but you will be pushing your physical limits and doing things you have never done before!

You will be learning movements that you might not have performed before, and you WILL get good at them! It is empowering and you will feel strong! It will also genuinely make you feel good because exercising releases serotonin and dopamine which are responsible for happiness and pleasure. And when you feel good, you look good. So, your confidence will get a boost! You also won’t feel as guilty when eating because you will be eating to fuel your body so you can better perform during your workouts.  You will be confident with what you put in your body, and this will show on the outside as well. 

Confidence isn’t just the way you look but also the way you feel.  With exercise, you will learn what your body is able to do, and you will learn to love it! You will feel strong performing these movements and your confidence will rise. You will be able to set goals and later achieve them, which is a very empowering thing! So next time you are a bit too harsh with your body, just remember what it can do and look forward to your next workout at the studio!