The first time you will come to the studio or for your first online session, you will be going through an introductory session. The introductory session will be composed of a quick chat with your trainer to discuss your training background, your generic and specific goals, as well as any medical conditions or injuries that you may have or may have had in the past. It is an opportunity for you and your trainer to first connect. 

Following this, your trainer will take you through the main movements that will be the base of your training: squat, hinge, push, pull and some core control exercises. This will allow your trainer to determine how you move and they will be able to communicate that information with other trainers, so everybody is on the same page. The first workout will always be a bit slower than the following workouts just because after first chatting with you, it should leave us about 45 min to take you through the workout. We also need to give more instructions and make sure you understand what you are doing so the movements are safe and adapted to your level. 

We know that coming to the gym for the first time can be intimidating. However, we have had lots of clients coming in for the first time, who have felt comfortable and confident enough to sign up with us and stay for the long term. It does not matter where you start, what matters is that you are taking the first step towards your fitness journey by showing up at the studio. You might soon find that you quite enjoy your workouts and showing up every week for your sessions as you start feeling different and seeing results. 

Remember that your introductory session is only a first contact with you and your trainer. It is made for your trainer to get to know you, as well as for you to see if this is a good fit for you!