Have you ever walked out of a session thinking that you were not at your best, that you were distracted or that you felt more tired than usual? It happens to everybody! Some days are better than others and some sessions are harder than others. However, there are tons of things you can do ahead of your session to make sure you show up prepared and at the best of your current abilities. 

First, make sure you get enough rest the night before your training. We often underestimate the influence of sleep on daily tasks, especially on physical activities. The less rested you are, the more tired you will be, but the less pain tolerance you will have as well! 

Second, make sure you eat a healthy meal ahead of your training and show up hydrated! Dehydration is another element that will make you feel tired more easily and will decrease your performance. Try to eat your last meal at least two hours before your training session so you are less likely to feel sick and nauseous during your session. You can eat a quick snack thirty minutes or so before you come to the studio if you need a little burst of energy. 

All the above are physiological components that are important for your success with us, however, your mind is likely your worst enemy! A rested body is useless without a rested mind! Try to leave all that happened during your day at the door. Whether it is your work problems or some family distraction that keeps popping up in your mind, make sure that you leave them all at the door. Instead, try to focus on the session ahead of you. Concentrate on your energy, on your breath and on your body. 

We usually ask you how you are feeling at the beginning of the sessions. This is the time for you to share with us how your body is feeling, if you are feeling tired physically, mentally, if you haven’t slept well the night before, if you haven’t eaten all day, if you are feeling distracted by an outside factor and so on. Don’t be afraid to share how you really are feeling at the moment, this will allow your trainer to adjust the session accordingly. 

Take a moment at the beginning of the workout to refocus on the present moment and on the work ahead of you. If you feel like you are still not 100% here when you start, use the warmup as a time to refocus and get into the workout. Next time you are at the studio, ask yourself, “Did I come prepared today?” and if the answer is no, make sure you do what you can next time to show up ready so you can give your 100%!