Menstrual cycles!

They are often a taboo subject for many people. However, we as women, will experience it hundreds of times in our lives! In fact, it happens once every month for so many years. That is ¼ of the month where we experience various period symptoms ranging from bleeding to cramping and even heavy headaches. So why is it such a taboo? Maybe because it pertains to intimacy, and it is personal to some people. But it is also biology, all women have periods, and it should not be something that is not to be talked about.

Here at F2BH, we are an all women studio, so we all know what this is about, indeed, we all have experienced it! Don’t be afraid to talk to your trainer about it as it might influence the way you feel and the way you experience your session. The more we talk about it, the less taboo this will be. It might be frustrating for some and might be very painful for others. But once again, it is natural and will affect your daily life so it is not something you can totally ignore and overlook. You may not be at your 100% on a given day, and your 100% might look very different from what it was last week, and that is totally okay! 

You need to understand your body and what it needs. It is okay to take it easier during your period. This week of the month is an extra stress on your body, so it requires extra energy, and it is draining! Well guess what, all this energy your body is putting into your period is energy that cannot be used for your workout. So, it is okay to take it easy or take it slower. You are still showing up and putting in work! Just remember, you are taking it easier so you can push harder next week.

It is also important to feed your body well. You might experience bad cravings and although it is okay to go ahead and have that ice cream or the chocolate you have been craving, it is also important to try to eat healthy and feed the body well for the stress that it is experiencing. Resting is another important aspect of dealing with your menstrual cycle and exercise in the best way. At the end of the day, all you can do is your best! Be patient with yourself and with your body and remember that it is only a few days before you feel better!