Do you find it hard to be confident and to stay positive about your body? Good news, you are not alone! With social media and society constantly reminding us what a body is expected to look like, it is hard to stay confident and have a healthy body image. Especially as women, the world around us dictates the way we look and always try to make us fit in boxes. But don’t you worry, here are some tips that can help you build your confidence. 

First, stop comparing yourself to others! We have the tendency to compare things all the time, ourselves included. However, nobody has the same story. It is, therefore, unrealistic to compare to different people that live a completely different life than us and that have a different genetic as well! This is an unhealthy habit that is not talked about enough and that needs to stop! You are unique, you are your own self, and you need to respect and be proud of that. Next time you start comparing yourself to someone else, remember, that person does not have the same story and might not be at the same place as you in their journey. 

Another thing that is rarely talked about is the fact that most people have body dysmorphia to some extent. You may think someone has a perfect body when they don’t like their legs. You might look up to someone because they physically look perfect to you, but they might think they are not muscular enough. Nobody is truly perfect; perfection does not exist and will never be attained. 

The truth is that we will never be satisfied with the way we look unless we start loving ourselves for what we are. One thing you can do however is to start loving the small things. Start enjoying the small changes when you see them. Start loving the way your body moves instead of focusing on the numbers on the scale. Start noticing that you can do things you could never do before, instead of focusing on what you still cannot do. 

Being positive about yourself and about your body will dramatically help the process as well as help you to be your happiest self. But above all, start wearing your confidence. The way we carry ourselves often dictate the way others perceive us. So, smile, be proud of who you are and what you can do. Be thankful for what you have and start shifting your mindset. Set your goals, crush them, and love yourself!