We are happy to announce that we are currently offering online training! It has been an amazing way for clients to get some workouts in even when they were unable to get to the studio. We believe that it is better to do an at home workout rather than not training at all. It is easy to fit a 55-minute workout session into your busy schedule when you are at home. You’ll only need yourself, a laptop or a phone, and a space to workout in. No equipment needed! Your trainer will be able to adjust your workout to the equipment you do have, from body weight to dumbbells or bands. 

We encourage you to get some basic equipment if you plan to do this regularly, so the exercises are a bit more varied. It is, however, not mandatory and you can get whatever equipment you feel comfortable getting! This is a perfect option if you work from home or if you have kids that you cannot leave alone. Working from home allows you to take care of things right before and right after your workout and to cut down the commute time to the studio to leave more time for other things. You will get a good workout in the comfort of your own home!

You will have one of our trainers guide you through the exercises and progress them as you get better and stronger. They will make sure that you are comfortable doing the exercises and that you know exactly what you are doing. We encourage you to have a strong internet connection as well as a big enough space that allows you to stand and be on the floor without having to move the camera around. This will be the perfect break for you to get some movement during your day and get back to work or to your daily activities feeling refreshed and energized! So no more excuses not to fit a workout in your busy schedule!