If you haven’t heard of it yet, we have started to offer personalized training programs for our clients. If you want to take your training to a new level and add some extra sessions on your own, this is for you! It is a good way to supplement your training and progress more quickly if you cannot commit to coming to the studio. Your trainer will make these programs adapted to your level and what you are comfortable and competent at doing. You will work in person with your trainer, and they will push you when you are together, and when you are working out by yourself, you will be able to better perform the movements and work on them on your own.

Your trainer will make sure that your form and your knowledge of the exercises prescribed are sufficient before sending you to perform them on your own. You will need to give us information about what you have access to and whether it is a weight room in your building or just a few bands or other equipment at your home. We will be able to tailor your program to your needs and have it progress over four weeks. You will see great improvement in your training as well when you are back in the studio. Getting a personalized program is best if you work out once a week in the studio and want to add some sessions on your own or if you are going away for a few weeks and want to continue training on your own to keep your progress. 

What is interesting about getting a program from us is that it will be tailored to your goals and aligned with what you are doing in the studio. You will be performing exercises that will get you better for what you are working on in the studio, instead of doing random exercises that you find online. You also won’t have to think about what to do because everything will be written down for you for a few weeks in advance and your trainer can always make modifications if needed.

So, if you want to get your training to a new level, let us know and we will get you started with a personalized program!