You have probably heard the terms exercising and training before, you might even have thought they were the same things, or they were interchangeable. So, are you training or exercising when you come to Fit To Be Healthy? Well, exercising is usually done without a purpose or a goal whereas training is done with a purpose or a goal. 

So, when you come to the studio to workout, yes, you are exercising just as you would if you were jogging outside, however, you likely have a goal in mind, therefore you are training! Whether it is to be healthy, to lose weight, to prepare for a race or to increase your muscle mass, your goal gives a purpose to your workout. You are working towards a goal with a trainer who plans a workout according to your needs and your goals.

You have probably exercised at home in the past or you might still do sometimes. Any time you go on a walk or on a run or that you grab your home weights and improvise a workout, you are exercising. It does not mean that exercising is not good for you or that it is inefficient. In fact, it is important to engage in daily physical activity or exercising regularly. However, it is normal to feel a bit lost or to lack motivation while exercising by yourself. Working out with a trainer lets you train without having to actively think about what you are doing or what to do next, and it also gives you the reassurance that your trainer will make you perform safe exercises that are adapted to your fitness level and goals while still being challenging. 

When you show up to your session, you know that the session will take one hour. Your trainer starts with a warmup and will be focused on your training to push you and to help you achieve your goals. Training with a coach is also a source of motivation! We know that it is hard to train by yourself, especially during these hard times, it is hard to stay motivated and to stick to a training plan. Next time you train with your trainer, remember that they are helping you to train and that they are keeping you on track with your goals and keeping you motivated in your fitness journey.