+Size Exclusive Training

Our training will leave you smiling!


At Fit To Be Healthy Personal Training we see clients of all shapes and sizes come through our door– tall, short, big, small, old, young, and the list goes on. We know that no two people are exactly alike and for that reason no two training sessions can ever be the same. Certain exercises that may be beneficial for some individuals such as crunches are not always beneficial for another and certain pieces of equipment work for some people while others do not, especially in an average gym setting. We want you to feel comfortable working out with us rather than discouraged and frustrated by exercises and equipment that don’t fit your body type.

We are proud to offer Plus Size Exclusive Training which is run in a very similar manner to our standard personal training service but offers a safe and encouraging inclusive workout environment not always found elsewhere. Our plus size training programs are initially designed based on what the client is safely able to do, for example stationary boxing, and then ramped up as the clients overall fitness level and capabilities increase.

Our Plus Size Exclusive Training programs strive to create an atmosphere where our clients not only receive high quality goal focused fitness training but also walk away feeling positive and  confident about themselves and what they have accomplished and enthusiastic about their next session.

Whether it’s in the comfort of your home/work or at our private studio where only you and your trainer will be at during your training session, our Plus Size Exclusive Training will leave you smiling!


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