1 Hour Personal Training Packages

No. of SessionsPrice per SessionPackage PriceBuy Now
6$65$390Click to purchase
12$60$720Click to purchase
20$55$1100Click to purchase

30 Minutes Personal Training Packages  

No. of Sessions Price per Session Package Price Buy Now
6$50$300Click to purchase
12$45$540Click to purchase
20$40$800Click to purchase

Monthly Membership (1Hour/Session)

Sessions per Week Price per SessionMonthlyBuy Now
1$65$260Click to purchase
2$60$480Click to purchase
3$57$684Click to purchase
4$55$880Click to purchase
5$50$1000Click to purchase

Semiprivate Personal Training Packages (You & Your Partner/ Friend / Family Member) 

No. of SessionsPrice per Session (per person)Package Price (per person)Buy Now
6$45$270Click to purchase
12$40$480Click to purchase

  • No membership fee, contract or automatic monthly payment 
  • Sessions are 60 or 30 minutes 
  • Same rate for mobile and studio training 
  • Gift certificates available