Our Training Studio

Training Studio


It’s no secret that we love our space almost as much as we love our jobs. Tucked away in bustling Yaletown, our personal training studio is the perfect place to enjoy high quality training from a team of educated and results driven trainers.

Not only are we conveniently located within walking distance to both the Yaletown Round House and Stadium Skytrain stations, we also are open as early as 6AM and we’ve been known to stick around as late as 9PM. We’ve got a ton of parking nearby not to mention an abundance of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and retail outlets to browse in and enjoy once your personal training session is over.

We’ve also been told that our studio has somewhat of a calming effect and that our clients always feel much more comfortable with us than they would in a traditional gym. Maybe it’s the beautiful water views nearby or the constant buzz of the neighbourhood. We like to think it’s that as well as the distraction free & non-intimidating environment that we worked so hard to create and maintain.

If this sounds like something you`d be up for we invite you to sign up for our complimentary 30 minutes no obligation training session with one of our trainers. Not only is it a great excuse to come to Yaletown, it`s also the perfect way to meet our trainers and get a first-hand look at our studio.

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